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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jodie Emery on Sun TV, the case for cannabis

Jodie Emery on Sun TV, the case for cannabis

Jodie Emery makes the case that "Politicians who support marijuana prohibition support organized crime".


  1. when ever you hear its a problem ,for the other side .. there excuse
    state right then there is no problem other then to make it legal . your problem its not up to those who do not used to stop us its up to those person to accept it as we are many over 60%
    and we oppose you telling us and using the law enforcement and keeping it under prohibition . why ? when legalization is control ? why jail us we will not change our mind . why spend our money in a continue world wide war ? we have no interest in ? why do you continue now 90 years with no end in site ? why

  2. its greed.. period.. pharma companies will lose big dollars.. no more vicodin for pain.. hey you can grow your own lost....


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