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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Judge James Gray on Two Hotheads on Cannabis

Judge James Gray on Two Hotheads on Cannabis

Judge James Gray on why he become a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the California Regulate Marijuana like Wine Initiative, and President Barack Obama's youtube marijuana questions.


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  1. this is old .... there lots going on . you need to invite open discussion or lose your show to future listeners
    marijuana exhibit A

  2. ^^Actually this is new, discussing what is happening now and in the recent past. We do invite open discussion on our facebook group- "twohotheads", also at, and phone calls at 617-606-4122. Contact us and be specific. "there lots going on" is not headline news. We are in to discussing the news and know this week's show, we tried to squeeze to much in and missed the big topics we wanted to get into. Next week and upcoming weeks we will have better balance like we did last week..


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