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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Peter McWilliams Tribute and Dennis Peron on Two Hotheads with Cannabis

Peter McWilliams Tribute and Dennis Peron on Two Hotheads with Cannabis

Two Hotheads on Cannabis welcomes Julia the Curator of the Peter McWilliams online museum with Dennis Peron discussing the life and work of Peter McWilliams. Mrs. Mary McWilliams, the mother of Peter McWilliams calls in.

Later it's the news on a botched FBI drug raid in Fitchburg and Presidential marijuana politics. The Two Hotheads orchestrating a debate featuring Roseanne Barr, Vermin Supreme, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson.

And Simpson & Cann's take on Dan Rea the "Voice of Reason" with WBZ's 1030 "Nightside" show which they are both frequent callers of. Cann loves "Nightside" and it's host, Simpson not so much.

MP3 of this show


  1. I can;t even tell you how impressive this show was ... PURE LOVE !!! Thank you so much .. !!!

  2. Excellent show! I've listened to it twice already!!

  3. I've been sitting with my "Swede" noodling along , to the "Still" track . I Honestly see this show as a benchmark point.. Things Julia said are all too true they need to be listened to ..
    Dennis was his usual understated self. He spoke so well about his friend , Peter and the things they did which turned into the avenue for relief from the misery so many of us are forced to live with day in & day out .. Thank you guys .. This show has touched not only me but so many others so deeply .. I hope every one who listens to it hears the spirit of unity which is alive as we absorb the honest intent at helping people out of those miseries .. Thank you !!

  4. Julia is the epitome of what our community should be about: peace, love, and working together. GOD, she's so beautiful! She represents the best in all of us, just like Peter did.

  5. I applaud your show, and I applaud Julia. As Peter was my friend, and someone who also saved my own life, I must say, that I believe Julia was choosen by Peter to carry on his work, to let his word's be heard, and to continue his dream to make the world a btter place. As I was honored, and blessed to have met Peter, and to know his Mother, I believe I have been blessed to know Julia. Peter was such a beautiful person to know, and now once again I am blessed to know another beautiful person, Julia. As I often think of Peter, read his book's and remember the beautiful person that he was, I can not help thinking, that if Julia, and Peter had met, what a more beautiful, and peaceful world this could be. Wow, what a team they would of made together. As I once loved Peter as my friend, I now have been given the chance once again by Peter, to love Julia as well. Indeed what a beautiful choice Peter made, to continue his work,in his choice of Julia. I truly believe like Peter she has the ability to change the world, and make it better for all of us.


    James John Bianco


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