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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Hotheads on Cannabis and DJ Slim host Jodie Emery

Tommy Dawson of

Jodie Emery at Boston Freedom Rally by MikeCann


  1. So what?? How is posing with this "plastic" no good excuse of a woman relavent to anything?? Everytime I see her fugley face my blood starts to boil!

    1. Attacking a woman's looks is never going to be something that I will take kindly.

    2. First off, its not about her looks on the outside, its about my opinion of her looks on the inside. I enjoy your show and am a frequent listener, but it seems that anytime her name is mentioned, its made out to be such a big deal. Personally, I don't believe she is very sincere when speaking about cannabis legalization. She talks alot about donating, and people who have placed their faith in her do donate. Where is all this donated money going? To run for a political office? Go on a tour? I'm certain that I've forgotten more about cannabis cultivation, laws and activism than she knows. I've been involved in cannabis activism in one way or another longer than shes been alive. Her husband isn't the only one who has/is behind bars. He had to pass the torch to her for the duration of his sentence. No, I didn't open a store, start a magazine or hold a ploitical office of some sort, but that doesn't mean I havn't been doing everything state and federal laws aloow, especially after my time behind bars. I make phone calls, write hand written letters, ( not typed ones with a letterhead ) pass out voter registration cards with brochures with the truth about cannabis. And all the while, working 50-70 hours a week to support my family. I have NEVER asked for a dime from anyone to help buy materials needed to make brochures, and I'm certain I'm not the only one who does so without the aid of public donations. I didn't marry into an "Empire", if you will, I simply have conviction.

    3. I love you,man.The first person to tell it like it is.I'm being serious.
      Thanks.Rock on.

  2. I think it is a big deal because Jodie Emery is a force, I think you are dead wrong on her. Just speaking, Politically times are a changing and I see her being elected to office in the near future. Elected office. Donations for court costs and travel to see Marc? Please. If people want to give they do, if they don't they don't. It's not like these people don't work. They work, see their website, activism, store, political work. You may not like the brand or style or people for whatever reason but that's not going to change how I view Cannabis Culture and especially Jodie Emery. She's a nice lady and politically? She's a force!

  3. OH..I like a man with conviction..She's a force! WOW!! So where do you stand on the NDAA Mike? Are you for it?? We'll see if you remove my post like you so quickly do on Youtube.
    Personally, I enjoy using the opportunities provided by the Bill of Rights,isn't that why they were drafted? You, it to play on both sides of the it suits your needs.
    NOW...I am officially, (after much study) reCANNting my first sentence of my previous post. Outward fugliness is correct.
    1. She's fake.
    2. She would be nothing more than anyone else without the last name Emery.
    3. She does not represent that name well.
    4. Does she realize how many people of Canada abhore her?
    5. Does she quietly smile behind the backs of her minion's while other's critisize her and her minion's whine that it is just someone who is jealous of her, but, tell me; really what is there to be jealous of?
    6. She is a Force of nothing..the princess of not....
    she is a Farce to one thing, and thats prince of the pot.
    7. She is not iconic to this movement, she is divisive.
    8. It does not seem transparent where money donation's go.
    9. OH..and did I mention how she terrorized a woman??
    10. I decided I needed a tenth reason... That woman sure i Fugley!

    1. THANK YOU!
      FINALLY, someone who really gets it.
      This pot movement doesn't care if Jodie's sniveling worm of husband rots in prison.
      Who really cares about Marc Emery's release,EVER?
      Thanks for going to jail for the entire pot-smoking world.
      What a crusader.
      The Emery Playhouse has been torn down!

  4. P.S. To be perectly clear, the woman she terrorized is an aging woman with Council.

  5. "OH..I like a man with conviction..She's a force! WOW!! So where do you stand on the NDAA Mike? Are you for it?? We'll see if you remove my post like you so quickly do on Youtube."
    I generally as a rule never remove others comments on my youtube unless it's outright racist or threats of violence and even then I mostly don't even bother to read or see it. My own I could remove but not others. Have I removed your comment here that is filled with statements that are not backed with documentation? You anonymous, making claims, offering no evidence. And they stand, I have not deleted them. NDAA, do I support it? Of course not, read my website, I'm opposed to all the BIG GOVT. LAWS in this area, I am a hard core CIVIL LIBERTARIAN.

  6. Bits and pieces of evidence is all around. You can lead a blind man to water, but you can't make him drink. You see, I find it hard to believe that you banned me from commenting on your Youtube channel videos. I have NEVER used a racial slur nor have I ever threatened, yet..I still cannot comment on your channel. "You Anonymous, making claims", if you don't want anonymous opinion..then don't offer it. I thought I knew where your political views lie, but by flagging comments to not being able to comment at all?..Made me question. This is not about you anyhow, at least you are making a difference in your way.


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