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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Hotheads on Cannabis Straw Poll Invitation Email to Jill Stein for President

Hi Jill,

We are organizing a list of candidates that we are considering officially endorsing via our live show straw poll.

So far there are five candidates invited to participate.

We broadcast out of Boston on Saturday afternoons on and later podcast our interviews via mp3 and youtube.

In the past on our show, we have featured yourself, Gary Johnson,and other candidates for office as well as entertainers, athletes, celebrities, and activists.

Love to have you back on to chat for a few minutes about your run for President.

The highest honor and more likely to win over our listeners, staff, radio station is a live in-studio appearance. 


Our show has recently changed co-hosts and gone younger and more explosively connecting to our audience.

Our crew which includes close to a dozen (and that's not counting the people who actually run the station) made a pledge to weigh their votes based on the efforts of the be on the show.

The hosts have issued the challenge to the candidates on their radar, be on our show and we will vote, poll, more likely straw poll for you... :)

So far campaigns for Vermin Supreme, Ron Paul, and Roseanne Barr have not responded to our invitation.

Governor Gary Johnson has booked for this Saturday, a telephone interview.

Our show has regular listeners, callers, sponsors and a professional production team behind us.

Two Hotheads on Cannabis Studio Line- 617-606-4122
Listen to our latest show

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