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Monday, April 16, 2012

4/20, Marijuana Marches, vs. Protesting politicians & candidates, Warren, Kennedy, Brown, Coakley, etc.

With this year's 4/20 almost upon us, I'm getting emails and messages about 4/20 Boston Common?

Yes, just two years ago,  The King of Pot and I started the 4/20 on the Boston Common where before that there was nothing going on with 4/20 rallies in Boston on the Common. We obviously had some crucial help. Starting with, and of course MassCann/NORML, and big time support over at Suffolk U NORML, Girls4Ganja playing a big part as well.

This year, I have no intention of promoting or attending the 4/20 festivities on the Boston Common. I'm sure many will still attend which is more than fine by me.

With a very limited schedule, instead of doing 4/20 events and marches around the city with no political results, I'm focusing on organizing protests of the politicians.

See this link for some of the actions that we've taken in past with some success to give you an idea of what is upcoming and being planned.

Niki Smokes, Tommy Dawson, and I have already started doing videos and Niki also created some awesome photo captions to go along.

We just getting started.

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