Subject: Kevin Sabet vs. Mike Cann debate offer

I’d like to debate you on Question 3 on my show next week, TWO HOTHEADS, WHERE ACTIVISM HAPPENS. If you agree, we would definitely be fair, I always treat my guests on our show well and it would show all of us that you are willing to have a discussion. We broadcast live on, Saturday’s, 3:30pm ET. How about Sat. Oct. 6th? At 3:40pm? All I would need is a phone number to call you at.

From Office of Kevin Sabet to Mike Cann

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately Kevin will be out of town for the next 2 weeks. Furthermore, given past comments and posturing, Kevin finds it difficult to have a reasonable discussion where the host of the show has outwardly blasted his character and already has such a deeply invested point of view. As you know, Kevin has long enjoyed debating this issue where the ground rules are fair and allow for an honest discussion of the costs and benefits of any policy change.

Good luck with the show.
Office of Kevin A. Sabet

From: Mike Cann to Office of  Kevin Sabet

When Kevin’s group sent out that press release filled with misrepresentations of what I actually said?

I will blast Kevin’s rep as long as he is tied to a group sending out “disingenuous” press releases trying to “dupe” the public and media into voting against medical patients and twisting my words to achieve that goal.
I’ll stop if Kevin apologizes for this and for continuing to lie to the public that we are the “vocal minority” when in reality we have been and continue to be the “silent majority” of voters.

62% of MA voters support full legalization. 65% of MA voters cast a ballot for decrim in 2008. 59% of MA voters support medical.

We are the majority and will not be silent for Kevin’s twisting of the facts.

Personally I think Dr. Kevin Sabet is probably a nice man but I can’t allow this in my hometown against people I know like myself who are suffering without access to medicine that helps them.


Mike Cann

P.S. saying No to a debate with us? Not the shrewdest move. Allows us to continue to speak out loudly and advertise that you are afraid to send a rep to speak with us? We do take phone calls. Would Kevin Sabet make the call if we were WBZ Radio? You want press and advertisement? You want us to have a reasonable discussion? Bring it. I’ve never been above that. Often have reasonable discussions on our show with folks I don’t agree with. Why are we going after Kevin? Because his group is sending out lies. You can choose to keep the “disingenous” lying going and we will blast, that’s is up to you, not me or my show.