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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Hotheads on Cannabis invitation sent to State Senator Stan Rosenberg

Dear Senator Stan Rosenberg,

Very happy to see that you will be campaigning for the MA Humanitarian Medical Marijuana ballot initiative! When folks ask me why we should focus on our elected officials when nothing seems to pass at the State House, you are one of the examples that I give them.

Emailing to extend you an invitation to call in as a featured guest on our live streaming show which airs on Saturdays from 3:30-5:30pm. Our featured guest goes on at 4:22pm...

Two Hotheads on Cannabis, We broadcast out of Boston on Saturday afternoons on and later podcast our interviews via mp3 and youtube.

The show is a serious talk radio format dealing almost exclusively with marijuana reform, sometimes we do drift to other civil liberty and progressive causes.

We have 2500 subscribers on youtube and reach many more through our websites, facebook (6000+), twitter (5000+), etc.

In the past, we have interviewed Rep. Barney Frank, NM Governor Gary Johnson,  Maine State Rep. Diane Russell as well as many other candidates for public office, professional comedians, athletes, and musicians.

All it would require is a phone call into our studio on any upcoming Saturday from 3:30-5:30pm EST. We have openings starting in May. May 5th, 12th and 26th are available.  Generally we feature our headline featured guests at 4:20pm but could work out anytime during that two hours to make it work for you.

Naturally, we'd be even more thrilled if you wanted to be live in the studio with us.

We would like to discuss your co-sponsoring of the medical marijuana bill, why you decided to co-sponsor, why you support marijuana reform and would you ever support legal cannabis, non medical? What you recommend that activists do to get more Reps., State Senators to support it. Your thoughts on the ballot initiative for 2012. Any other elected officials you think we should specifically looking at to call for support?

I'm the Former President of the local NORML chapter in Boston, MassCann/NORML and my co-host was the President of UMass-Amherst Cannabis Reform Coalition.

Our show has many regular listeners, callers, sponsors and a professional production team behind us.

We have openings in May.

Two Hotheads on Cannabis Studio Line- 617-606-4122

Two Hotheads on Cannabis Show

Two Hotheads on Cannabis Show, Saturdays, 3:30pm EST

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