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Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Goodbye NORML Show Live" Russ Belville

"Goodbye NORML Show Live" Russ Belville

"Radical" Russ Belville tells his supporters the truth about the demise of the NORML Show Live and seems to lay it on the new NORML chairman of the board, Paul Kuhn.

NORML Board Member Dr. Keith Saunders, a college sociology professor who also refers to himself as "The Most Dangerous Stoner in America" posts about the dust up on facebook?

"If I was one of the four dozen people in the US who collects a salary for my work in favor of drug policy reform, I would be careful not to spread shit about my employer, when I am told that there will be a reduction in my workload, but not my salary."

Russ, you better off going alone. Anybody that treats money raised for a specific goal such as this? Does not deserve your service.

You have a gift, those making the decisions and publicly seeming to speak for NORML? They don't bring even a fraction of what you have brought to the movement, Russ Belville.

Much respect for telling those who donated time and money the truth on why the plug is being pulled.


  1. Wowy Zowy. Talk about NORML shooting themselves in the foot. Rumors and complaints against NORML have been going on for quite some time now, but letting Russ Bellville go from this brilliant show is surely the final straw. Russ is a hero of this movement and I have filed almost all of the brilliant interviews and extended commentaries that he has made and often reference his work output, which has been so successful in bringing people into our community; either as campaigners or supporters for the legalisation of cannabis use.

    I won't be renewing my NORML membership any time soon. For the last couple of years they have been moving more and more towards a model of socially elite respectability, along with their commentaries upsetting plenty of folks in our community.

    Keith Saunders, go stuff your materialistic comments against Russ. If you think you can reign Russ in or just pass him off then you're very much mistaken. With this move against their NORML Show anchor man they have now truly proven themselves to be unfocussed on this essential outreach element within their campaign and thus now unworthy of support. With a couple of dozen dedicated people like Russ Belville, we'll all be legal in no time at all.

    I'm looking forward to what Russ does next and for sure it will be a power-house of activism. May the Force be with you, Russ.

  2. Thank you Russ for your commitment to education and information. Without your passion, I would not have become so active in this movement and in my community.

    I want to say because of Russ, I learned to reach out to my representatives.. I learned to feel more empathetic for those caught up in the drug war.. and most importantly, I began to see the lies.

    After listening to your show, I began to donate weekly to NORML National. A sum of money was automatically taken out of my account and sent to NORML. I even had to call NORML National and ask them to "please stop sending me thank you letters, NORML should expect a weekly payment."

    It's terribly ironic to see the guy that got me to send money to NORML in the first place is being let go because there is no budget for his show. I would rather have sent the money directly to Russ if I knew this day would come.

    Now more than ever, educating the public is so important.. I am happy for you Russ because I know this will not set you back, you will continue to grow as well as the movement..

  3. Thanks Russ,
    I think your one of the best host I have ever worked with and I have contributed a great deal of money over the years to Norml and your show is the only thing I have ever seen positive to come of my donations.

    We will continue to support what ever show your involved with.


  4. Damn video brought me to tears!NORML Show Live was a great show and shame on NORML for shutting it down!First I'd like to thank Russ,Karri,Ganja Jon,Dr.Mitch,Kaliko,Urb Thrasher,Lively Libra and all who have been there that made the NORML Show Live all that it was!I will be listening to Russ's new show starting 6/4.Russ all the power to ya!You rock Russ Belville!


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