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Saturday, May 12, 2012

R.I.P. Exposition AKA Victor Pontes-Macedo of Audible Mainframe

How They Used To: In Memory of Victor Pontes-Macedo (a/k/a MC Exposition of Audible Mainframe)

So sad, I had no idea Victor had been battling cancer and passed. An old friend. A Revolutionary that usually had a big smile on his face. :) Great artist, performer, friend, human being. Victor Pontes-Macedo, Expo RIP, you know you are missed and were special to many of us. On the stage and off.

Carmelita posts on facebook:

RIP Victor Pontes-Macedo of Audible Mainframe. The words you wrote shortly before your death allowed me to breathe after one helleva lousy day. Rest easy now. You are loved and missed by many.
"I think about what I used to consider "problems" before I was diagnosed, and I laugh cuz I realize that those problems are absolutely NOTHING compared to what I have to deal with now. The only thing ...I wish is that I was in possession of this knowledge before I was diagnosed, it would've made my life before so much easier and less stressful.

So I guess if I have one message for those of you who are healthy, its don't sweat the small stuff. If your job is pissing you off, you're running low on money, or that shirt makes you look fat. Whatever the issue is, if you really stop to think about it, its so small, you'll always find your way through it and live to fight another day. As long as you have your health you have everything!

I've stayed away from posting about my struggle and fight this whole time cuz I'm not the type of person to put my personal business out there, but it hasnt been a walk in the park. That said, I feel would be doing a disservice if I said nothing. I'm not here preaching or trying to start a movement, I just feel like I've been given this unique knowledge, and I wanted to share it with you all. What you do with it is up to you.

With Love
Audible Mainframe is still alive and promoting Victor's work.
"One month ago we got the hardest news we've ever had to hear. We keep Expo in our heads and hearts everyday, and will continue to keep his legacy alive for years to come. With that, we're proud to present the "The VICtory Sessions: Vol. II". This project is dedicated to our leader, friend and brother, Expo (Victor Pontes-Macedo), who lost his 8 month battle with cancer on April 7, 2012.

The EP is a free download and we encourage everyone to 'pay what you want' via our PayPal donations account.

All money collected will help not only fund future volumes, but also contribute to cancer research and awareness. To make a donation, please go to:"

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