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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Niki Smokes asks Boloco to add Hemp Smoothies

Hey everyone! I just got an email from the Executive Chef at Boloco, Jason H.. He wrote in response to this email I sent:

Hi Boloco!

I have a small suggestion.. I walked into your store today and saw on your smoothie menu.. Dairy, Dairy, Dairy.. Soy Milk..

I am ok with Soy Milk, but I know others might actually be allergic. I was wondering if you would consider Hemp Milk. Please? I like Tempt Hemp Milk. It's super smooth. You may have another brand in mind, but Hemp has no known allergens and it is super healthy!

Pretty please!?



Jason wrote:


Thanks for writing in about the suggestion of using hemp milk in our shakes and smoothies. I must say it is the first request of it's kind. I am going to add your request to our food exploration list I keep which has all kinds of requests from customers. I am also going to research Tempt Hemp Milk as I know nothing about it and get some to try.

Thanks again for writing in and making the suggestion.

Jason Hutchinson

Executive Chef

Research Tempt Hemp Milk here.

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