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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Hotheads, This is how we do it! Legalize!

Two Hotheads, This is how we do it! Legalize!

TWO HOTHEADS, WHERE ACTIVISM HAPPENS, Live on unregularradio, Heather Mack wins over Republican candidate Joe Selvaggi to repeal of marijuana prohibition?

Video, Niki Smokes, Garret Kirkland, & Mike Cann.

Featuring Candidate Joe Selvaggi, Mike Cann, Heather Mack, The King of Pot, Newman, Matthew James,  Tommy Dawson,, and more.

Candidate for Congress, Joe Selvaggi responding to Heather Mack's case that marijuana prohibition is bad for kids, "You make terrific sense and you are starting to win me over on this. Remember if nothing else, I have an open mind on it."

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