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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cointelpro is alive and well in America

Jim Fowler legal medical marijuana caregiver grower under state of Maine law posts on facebook, "I was raided when a cop in Central Florida saw pictures of my plants here on facebook and called the Sherriffs office here in Maine and told them they had an internet marijuana cultivator,,,let me sum that up for you,,,I WAS RAIDED FOR POSTING PICTURES OF WEED ON FACEBOOK,,,,, (Now later after that's all been dealt with in court) these mother fuckers (not the cops but thieves) break into my home twice,,,the first time steal bout 5 to 6 thousand dollars worth of meds, then the second time about an ounce, then they cause a fight with me in front of my own home and cause the army to be called out on me, then they destroy security cameras I put up on my property and verbally and assault me with threats of physical violence, and death, right in front of the cops, and the cop calls the guy by his first name and talks to him like a long lost brother, and then never arrests him or even charges him with a crime, HE KNEW HIS FIRST NAME, THEY WERE ON FIRST NAME BASIS AS FRIENDS WOULD BE!!!"

The Police know the thieves and working with em, you saying Jim Fowler? Who would benefit and set that sort of operation up? Law enforcement in collusion with monopoly marijuana interests perhaps, shut down the mom and pop business and an invested loud voice of dissent?


Jim Fowler aint the only one of late. 

Every event, action activists such as Garrett Kirkland, myself and others associated with activist movements dealing with Liberty or Occupy Boston are locally always faced with police. Before we even get there and some we didn't even post publicly to facebook.

Here's a few more recent cases to peruse.

Hal Turner Fed Asset Operative FBI Trained NJ Blogger Incite Others Entrap Patriots COINTELPRO

Anthony Antonello speaks in Worcester, MA after cops raided last weekend's Liberty Love Fest that we promoted for weeks.

Kidnapped Marine vet Brandon Raub speaks out from psych ward.

Operation GreenX truth 

Tupac targeted by NYPD hiphop Police & FBI cointelpro?

Tupac's mother and step brother's statements on murder and cointelpro against Tupac Shakur



  1. Funny how you mentioned "Occupy". In San Diego when it began A.S.A.'s self claimed "Liaison" Eugene Davidovich lead the San Diego movement, setting up a A.S.A. tent in the center. The day before the police came in and removed and arrested the occupiers ironically Eugene Davidovich and the A.S.A. party moved their tent and was gone prior to this event. Also Eugene Davidovich was in charge of securing all of their media equipment, yet under his control he claims it was stolen. Ironic indeed. Cointelpro is alive and well in America and proven to be strong.

  2. Thanks to the Jim for his great thinking. It is a great matter for us we want to save our life from the fraud and bad man which are destroy our precious life. Police is most important person to save the corruption and safe our life style. They should conscious about this. I am happy to know your brilliant post.
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