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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hempfest 2012 - The Great I-502 Debate

Hempfest 2012 - The Great I-502 Debate

NORML's Keith Stroup vs. Steve Elliott on I-502 Washington State legalization initiative.

GeekMike420 on youtube comments, "The DUI provision discussion is silly.... If I-502 was passed in WA, Police and Politicians would then be legal to purchase, use and posses marijuana too. There will be police officers and politicians smoking and consuming marijuana. We would then all be in the same boat. Right now the medical aspect of the system is the most divisive."

Maybe not with Police Officers, with it still being federally illegally they would likely still be subject to drug testing that stops them from partaking but they don't drug test the politicians and judges now do they?

Radical Russ writes, "Regarding Kari's 10ng after sleeping... So, if she gets up in the morning now, and she drives around now, and she attracts the attention of a cop now, who then pulls her over now, and then suspects she's impaired now, and then gives her a sobriety test now, which she fails now, and then he arrests her now, and takes her in for a blood test now, and it comes in at 10ng/ml now... guess what? She's going to be charged with DUID now and pay $15,000 for a lawyer now and probably lose now at 10ng/ml."

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