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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hempfest 2012 - Russ Belville on legalization

Hempfest 2012 - Russ Belville on legalization

"Radical" Russ Belville from National Cannabis Radio ( explains the rarity of state legalization votes, the definition of legalization vs. decriminalization, and the importance of Washington's I-502.

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  1. He did not get much of a reception did he? If he is going against the Drug Czar, why does he support the number one priority of the Drug Czar per se limits on the amount of THC any driver, including patients, may have in their blood? Did you here him talk about legalization efforts that are not good enough? That is how he felt about I-1149, I-505, and currently I-514. All would have ended penalties for adults without closing access points or creating a per se DUI for cannabis. But they are just not good enough for him, NORML, or the ACLU to support!

    People California got full decriminalization out of Prop 19, Russ counts that as a loss. As someone that lived in California for years and still visits there often this was HUGE! Russ paints a nice picture of being able to answer the door to a cop with a joint hangin’ outta his mouth and the cop goes away. The problem is if there are two people in the room or the car the cop still has probable cause to arrest both of you for felony distribution and just like today you both are going to plead down to misdemeanor possession of less than 40 grams.

    To Russ and anyone else that supports I-502, ask yourself this “How can something be legal if it is a felony to give it away?” The other question is "why would cannabis consumers want to put the cannabis industry under the control of the alcohol industry?"


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