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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jodie Emery at Seattle Hempfest 2012 (Seeley Stage)

Jodie Emery at Seattle Hempfest 2012 (Seeley Stage)

Jodie Emery speaks about her imprisoned husband Marc Emery and the Washington State Initiative 502 to legalize marijuana at Seattle Hempfest 2012.


  1. Go away Jodie Emery!
    Marc tied himself to a cross made with two giant joints.
    He went to prison for all the pot smokers' sins.
    Is Marc Jesus?
    He must know by now that no one cares.
    My litmus test with these Emorys came when I saw them outright fake a news conference just before Marc went to prison.
    He had a couple of ne'er -do-wells stand on a sidewalke outside of a building with signs like "Pot is not a crime Marc Marc Marc" kind of stuff.
    Marc Emery had a group of his stoner friends "surround" him and they pretended to be press and were asking these really lame fame and insulting questions.
    Typical immaturity/arrested development from marijuana smokers.
    You people suck and have set the cause back 400 years in addition to contributing to stereotypes about "wreck"-reational marijuana users.
    You cannot be taken seriously and need to go away and leave the good people alone.FOREVER.

    1. What you doing here? Mirror, mirror on the wall.

  2. I support medical marijuana.
    Quit it with the rest of this nonsense about legal rights and hemp is everything.
    This ' Marc the marijuana messiah' is selfish to the point of being self-gratifying and mentally ill.
    What's the point in going to jail? For what?
    It's about the cause, not the players.Sativa Superstars, Indica Incas and Juanny-be Appleseeds are drawing from the base of fools who worship them.
    Prop 502 showed at Seattlefest what the real agenda is.
    Total disorganization and a split on the stance for legal LEGAL marijuana.
    All the people were there to get high,smoke outside in a group, and never put together a next-move forward-'just let us get high this weekend then someone will do something'.
    You don't want government supplied legal weed!
    You idiots are taking the cause way WAY WAY! back and are ruining it for those who really seek and rational,mature, and progressive stance on the MMJ.

    1. Turkey necks mother fucker! Turkey necks!August 26, 2012 at 1:46 AM

      Light up and lighten up,motherfucker!


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