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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Washington State I-502 Hempfest Controversy

So the WA State marijuana reform community is abuzz with an onslaught attack against NORML, Marc and Jodie Emery, and pretty much all who support I-502- a not so great commercial marijuana taxation law with a new OUI law attached to it.

Let me say that again, many in the community, joined by the funding and power of medical marijuana profiteers are furiously against I-502 marijuana legalization and sadly dissing NORML and the Emery's because they don't agree with them.

As some saw, I was particularly disturbed and called for a boycott of Village Voice, Toke of the Town calling it "Joke of the Town" for Steve Elliott's mean spirited comments directed at Marc and Jodie Emery.

I put out a string of videos going after the journalistic integrity of Steve Elliott reflecting back what he pushed unfairly on the Emery's.

I've heard from many in the community and would like to address a few things.

1. NORML, Russ Belville, Marc and Jodie Emery are all doing an honorable service and not out of touch on this issue. They have always weighed these initiatives out and often have been the sole voices speaking against bad pieces of policy and initiatives. With NORML they are fighting for cannabis consumers, first always. I am not a member of NORML but reporting the facts as I see them.

2. The opposition being led by Toke of the Town will likely help us in MA.

3. This is about polling and professional campaign chiefs, not NORML. In MA, the most recent MassCann/NORML marijuana legalization poll. What did it show? The only weaknesses for marijuana legalization via MA ballot initiative? The deciding voters are only still worried about what? The sad truth; They fear unrestrained, untaxed grow your own for personal use. They still have concerns over driving. They have no issues with selling it in retail stores to adults. Truth. This new opposition that has taken place against this initiative wasn't showing up when they did their polling to write this Initiative in WA State. If the I-502 opposition works, it will be noted here and everywhere finally by some campaign managers, as we saw the same happened in CA, it's now a trend. The numbers I am talking about are 5-10% range, it's really close no matter which way the question is written but to a campaign manager that 5-10% makes all the difference in proving their worth for $.

4. Remember this, we are so close to having it all. A seasoned campaign manager wants the highest win possible, this new trend is bound to be finally noticed by their conventional campaign wisdom. I am accepting we are seeing a revolt pushed by some medical cannabis people but also the greater population of this community. That's actually a great thing and ultimately upon examination NORML should actually be proud of it, because they helped create it. Our victims of the marijuana war, we want it all. I expect this will only help us in making sure we get the best legal initiative in MA that is possible. The campaign in MA is taking notice.

5. NORML rules, they are seeing the bigger picture and know yes this law is way less than ideal but 100 million dollars of free positive news coverage for the win? TV News time AKA free advertising for our movement, would only get it going in the right direction all the way through 2016..

6. The verdict? either way we win unless we all wipe ourselves out before we get to the next cycle...  We all need to take a breather, a truce, to make it to November's big voting day. No matter what you support, remember eyes on the prize, untaxed, unregulated personal grows is what we should all agree to.

Either way, after I-502, we moving forward in MA, trust me on that one.

2016 MA, End the war on marijuana users.


  1. Boycotting the boycotts!

    1. Barrister Bannister ride me legallyAugust 25, 2012 at 12:07 PM

      502 powered!
      Vroom vroom!

  2. I-502 is bad legislation for Washington and in fact the country! It is in essence the repeal of Medical Marijuana as we have come to know it in Washington. It ends a patient’s ability to drive legally. It closes all access points to medical marijuana until the access point gets a license that is can not be issued under federal law. And will allow any access point to be closed by someone starting a day care too close or on the whim of a politician. In Washington we have I-514 gathering signatures to get on the ballot next year. It does not conflict with federal law, it allows access points to legally operate and it stops manufacturing criminals of our youth by making first offenses by minors a civil infraction instead of giving them a criminal record unless the kid is selling.

  3. I'm against 502 but I don;t like steve elliot . He is a communist who hates Ron Paul and Libertarians. I blocked him years ago. So not everyone against 502 is taking orders from Steve. I was against 502 before he was.

    1. Steve is an awesome guy. I bet Steve Elliot hurt your feelings at one point. Well, Steve speaks the truth so stop your whining.

    2. No question, not supporting 502, Steve Elliott is an arse

  4. Sage advice, it's just too bad ye of little faith in your own advice foisted it on us in Washington rather than wherever you're from. Fortunately we never asked for your advice, your faith, or your money. In comparison, we're doing just fine in our journey to ending prohibition without resorting to partial truths, threats, and dishonorable manipulation.

  5. Dude you're not even the biggest activist in an empty room. You may be the biggest douchebag though,,,,,

    1. Tuck in your shirt, fatboy

    2. Boston representingAugust 24, 2012 at 6:37 AM

      Hmm, Mike Cann brought tha goodz, ONYX to Boston, he made Rallyz huuge, got the Governor and countless reps. Decrim, Medical, Legal. Press. 2 years doing radio for the cause. Tiger Weedz, somebody help me out? A big mouth on the internetz

    3. Actually I'm an activist in Seattle. Not the biggest activist in the world. But I'm not suffering from tiny dick syndrome so bad that I falsely advertise my self as such. Mike Cannot may be a big fart In Boston's little windstorm but he isn't shit in Washington states. 502 is not legalization it is fucked over rebuilt prohibition & campaigning for or against it isn't anybody's business who don't live in ourstate. 502 bites balls & will only turn misdimeanor possession to felony duo whether you've smoked in the last 5 hours or not.You still couldn't get a job because it dousn't end piss testing, So good luck being able to afford the high price for pot that the excessive tax rate will inspire. Just because Boston knows you don't meen that you're shit on the west coat. We've had our medical laws years longer so we have expirience you folks haven't even dreamed of in I don't know shit so I name myself Turdzilla land.

  6. I must wonder why these people in other states are trying to stick their noses into Washington politics and try to inform us as to what is best for Washington.

    Out of three bills (one each in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado), I502 is literally the worst written. But rather than rant, I will simply post facts.

    Cannabis activists oppose this initiative because it takes us a step backward.

    I-502 Is Pseudo-Legalization
    Under I-502, cannabis would still be a controlled substance. Unlike alcohol, you wouldn’t be able share it with friends. Passing a joint is a felony. I-502 doesn’t repeal a single law. After Election Day, we’ll still have to face the hard work of repealing prohibition. I-502 is little more than decriminalization on steroids, and it comes at too heavy a price.

    Storefronts Won’t Happen
    The storefront model is a house of cards in a windstorm. We won’t see a dime. There won’t even be a showdown in federal court. Last year, Washington’s two U.S. Attorneys got Gov. Gregoire to back down on dispensary regulations with nothing more than a scary memo. The letter claimed that state regulators would face an array of prosecutions and civil penalties, and you cannot compel a state employee to break the law. No regulatory scheme means no funding for the studies that would fix the abominable per se DUI clause.

    Impaired Science
    The field sobriety test remains the best means of determining impairment. Per se means you cannot dispute your impairment in court. If you cross the 5-ng/ml blood limit proposed by I-502, you’re guilty. Patients would not be exempt from this standard as they are in other states. Legal patients 18- to 20-years old would be guilty of an “underage DUI” for any detectable amount. Yet there is no clear correlation between THC in the blood and impairment like we see with alcohol. I-502 does not solve the longstanding question of how to measure impairment from THC. It ignores the science showing wide variance between test subjects and habituation in patients and other unimpaired users. Highway fatalities have dropped 9% in states with medical cannabis laws.

    I-502 is Prohibition 2.0
    In 2011, the Drug Czar’s Office listed state-level per se DUI laws as its #1 priority. I-502′s per se DUI statute and its zero tolerance provisions would create a permanent institution dedicated to the furtherance of marijuana prohibition in Washington State. There is no way to “fix it later”. No viable political avenue exists for relaxing a highway impairment standard. The portion of I-502 most likely to survive federal preemption is the per se DUI. Not only would it deliver a lasting victory for the Drug Czar, it will lead to wrongful convictions for years to come.

  7. The Washington community can handle the I-502 debate just fine... without any input from clueless Canadians, brash Bostonians, or annoyingly air-headed trophy wives.

    It's VERY revealing that the most rabid support for the horrible legislation in 502 comes from out-of-staters, and even non-Americans.

    1. But I've never been a rabid supporter of I-502, your so awesome at politics, Steve Elliott that you moved folks like myself who had issues with I-502 brashly going after your ridiculous actions and not the Initiative. Brilliant.

    2. No Mike YOU'RE so awesome at politics. Use your spellchecker on the third-grade grammaticals.
      YOUR credibility has just been taken down by a third-grader! LOL
      Go smoke another one or two or three or four or five or six.

    3. Steve,if you hate Ron Paul, YOU'RE OK.You know the deal on this old nazi who will play the people for what it's worth.

  8. The stoners and lowlifes in my comm-mun-eh-tay spell ONXY.NIGGAERS!

  9. Just go wipe yourselves.Plenty of ahs-wholes to choose from!

  10. Hey, I'm a rabid I-502 supporter! I collected signatures and I'm voting yes! Won't spend all my night on here explaining its virtues other than to say its got a real chance at preventing arrests and making Wash. state some money. Don't buy the hype, read the law so you know what it does and doesn't do...


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