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Monday, September 3, 2012

Gary Johnson, Ron Paul 2012, We can win this!

Gary Johnson, Ron Paul 2012, We can win this!

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Contact Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and the Libertarian Party today, let them know you want them together for a November win!
Sign the Petition, Johnson/Paul 2012!

Ron Paul is making an announcement September 4th on Jay Leno. The Libertarian Party is willing to consider adding him to their ticket if he is willing.

Monday & Tuesday, let Ron Paul's offices in D.C. & Texas know we want him to keep fighting for Liberty against the controllers of the corrupt, undemocratic, fake two-party system! Now's the time to make your voice heard!

Ron Paul Washington, DC office: (202) 225-2831

Ron Paul Lake Jackson, Texas office: (979) 285-0231

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