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Friday, September 7, 2012


By Kimberly Ellis

If the legalization of Cannabis is important to you, you've probably already heard of the smoking hot on-air duo of Mike Cann and Heather Mack. These Two Hotheads are directly affecting change in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are determined to empower their audience, to get involved with activism in general, especially with actions that they can take part in within their own backyard, and local community. They help find real solutions. The team of Cann and Mack are likely to ask one of their many on-air guests, "How can people get involved to help you with this cause?" What can you do to help as a citizen? "In my experience, it's been much easier to effect change at the city, local community, and state level, rather than nationally. I've had discussions with Senators, Governor, State Reps and local politicians that have moved the ball. That's the idea of how we like to do activism. Forget waiting for the President and Congress to fix it, what can we do local?" Cann says. When asked if he was excited about this particular moment in time, Cann said, "Yes! We're getting closer every day. Some states are going to legalize it, and Massachusetts might be one of the first in 2016." "We decriminalized in MA, medical is next, then legal in 2016. Not waiting for the President and Congress, or even the MA State House to do that, by ballot initiative. That was a great backdoor way. That's what I always look for. What can actually bring changes?"

Change begins with their show. Governor Gary Johnson called in for a very revealing interview with Mike and Heather, and talked about Marc Emery, Johnson's own marijuana use, liberitarianism, a call-in question about drones, marijuana legalization, and his run for Presidency. In a recent conversation with, Moms for Marijuana International, Heather Mack talks to Bettie Retro about the Cannabis Quilt Project. The quilt is part of a tapestry, travelling around the country collecting stories while raising awareness. They're taking on squares of fabric to represent regional conferences, different states, organizations and businesses, and The Seattle Hempfest, to name just a few of the contributors. Piecing this quilt together to make a visual impact on our society, as it's being impacted by cannabis, the drug war, it's victims and the marijuana movement, as a whole. Maine State Representative, Diane Russell, calls in to the show and answered questions about the Obama Administration, drug raids, law enforcement, legalization and she also made an exciting announcement on the show! Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens can be heard every Saturday, live on at 3:30pm. Call in live at: 617-606-4122.

Mike Cann, who has worked on many campaigns supporting marijuana reform has also worked with local elected officials, politicians, State, and Congressional representatives, such as, Barney Frank, Mike Capuano, Ron Paul, and many more recently called into WBZ's Nightside, with Dan Rea, to ask Governor, Deval Patrick, about the medical cannabis initiative and legalization. When Governor Patrick was asked if the bill passes and would be enforced, he answered with a surprising, "I think that's what we are supposed to do." Cann's reaction was as follows, "I would have liked more of a commitment from the Governor on medical marijuana, but considering his past negative statements towards any type of marijuana reform, I feel like he is maybe starting to see the light."

Heather Mack, who spent four years working with the UMASS Cannabis Reform Coalition and eventually became president, talks about her roll on the show. "I think I bring a unique energy—I have a lot of enthusiasm and I get really into each interview. I try to connect with people and make them feel like they can tell me things they wouldn't tell other more mainstream media sources. Plus I feel I connect well with students and young folks who are just getting into activism, and I can draw on a lot of my experiences with organizing and leading a student drug reform group to give good advice." she went on to say, "We really value our listeners contributions and welcome any suggestions they have for topics they want to be covered. As far as other areas, I’m interested in talking about education, social services and outreach for minorities and other marginalized communities, LGBTQ activism, and women’s health issues. But again, pretty much nothing is off limits on our show, as long as it relates to activism—to something you can get off the couch, off the computer, and do something about."

WAAF's Bay State Rock Carmelita is the executive producer and creator of the show. She has led the the Two Hotheads from the beginning, spending many hours working with each host. Her experience and leadership has been invaluable to the show. "Without her there would never have been or still be a Two Hotheads show. She thought to bring Heather in when I already knew her and never thought of her as the new co-host. That was genius. And she made me much better at radio." Cann says. "I created this show because there seemed to be a void in tackling real issues that go largely untapped in media. I came to realize how their programming ( was all about creative freedom of expression in media. By creative expression, I mean programming that allows for hosts to think independently and inspire their listeners related to issues that personally affect their daily lives without feeling like they're being, judged, preached at, or spoken down to. Heather and Mike are free and independent thinkers who don't feel threatened by my, sometimes, brutal critiques. More importantly, they don't feel threatened by each other, as opposite as their opinions can be at times." Carmelita says. "I trust her endlessly to support me and give me the right kind of criticism that focuses me and helps me to keep improving. she has definitely taught me that kindness and patience towards everyone goes a long way, and that it's important to put 100% effort into everything I do." Mack says.

John Loftus, an owner at was recently asked why he supported the Two Hotheads show with his time and resources. "I was with the idea of Two Hotheads from the first pitch. They have evolved into an outlet where people can speak about issues that really effect them on a day to day basis instead of the distraction issues which weigh down many mainstream media talk shows. It's a place where everyday people can have a voice to speak their mind without being cut down or hung up on. There are certainly debates from different sides that get heated but the name sort of telegraphs that. We support free speech and I'm proud to have a show like Two Hotheads that promotes that and other civil liberties." KC Hoye, also from says "I support Two Hotheads and will continue to do so because they have remained flexible with their format while accomplishing the same goal; to educate. Mike has been dedicated to the task of pushing legislative reform in the cannabis community for years. Heather is a wealth of information, and has been boots on the ground where it matters when it comes to changing legislation."

Both hosts will be at this years 23rd Annual Boston Freedom Rally again. I asked Heather Mack what her plans were for the Rally and would her rap duo Solo Sexx be performing this year and this is what she had to say, "We sure are! I’m so unbelievably grateful to be able to say that Solo Sexx will be returning this year on the second stage. Last year was an incredible time and we are definitely looking forward to sharing the stage with so many other amazing speakers and performers." Mack frequently freestyles on the show with or about guests. "I also have been a performer for many years and love whenever I get a chance to rap or sing on the show! I always have a blast in the studio and I feel very lucky to be able to run my mouth on a microphone every Saturday afternoon." Mike Cann will be speaking at the Rally this year as well, with Congressman Barney Frank, and Judge Jim Gray as well as many other supporters of marijuana reform.

If you would like to listen to Mike's phone call with the Governor, or ANY of Mike and Heather's previous shows, they can be found on Cann's Youtube page, Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens, featuring more than 500 videos, with more than 600,000+ views, and 2,200+ subscribers. You can catch the Two Hotheads videos at: Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens, also have a Facebook group, with thousands of local (and not-so local) contributing members, forming an online community in which topics range from cannabis, to music, as well as politics, and the latest activist movements. The URL is as follows:

Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens
with Co-Hosts Mike Cann & Heather Mack
Saturdays @ 3:30pm EST
Call in Live 617-606-4122
Unregular Radio

From our live event at Middle East.

From Occupy Coakley rally that started on our show.

Mike Cann calls into WBZ to ask the Governor about marijuana reform.

From our radio show

Photos courtesy of Sarah Sparks-, Niki Smokes-, WBCN, &


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