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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Volunteer to register voters at Saturday's Boston Freedom Rally

Volunteer to register voters at Saturday's Boston Freedom Rally

Alex Arsenault of Drug Policy Forum of MA, the number one marijuana signature gatherer in MA for the Question 3 Medical Marijuana Initiative and Legal PPQ's.

***Email to work to sign up voters at Saturday's Boston Freedom Rally or find him and his main booth the day of the event.

***TWO HOTHEADS, WHERE ACTIVISM show/ is also holding it down with a booth, we'll be recording video with attendees, signing up voters and handing out flyers on the following Saturday's Audit the Fed Rally. Stop by and do video or volunteer for us! Email me to work at our TWO HOTHEADS activism table,

Boston Freedom Rally, Sat. Sept. 15th, Boston Common, High Noon.

Discussion of MA 2012 election for President and MA Medical Marijuana 3. Heather Mack announces she's probably going to vote Jill Stein. Mike Cann says the only votes in MA for President that count are for third party candidates and especially for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson who could get 5% and future matching funds for their party.

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