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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ben10 Games

Try out alien force games.

"Enter the cool world of Ben 10 and help Ben 10 across the path on his bicycle while doing stunts. Ride the cool bicycle with your favorite Ben 10 now.

Start riding by pressing the F key and hit the break with A key. Ben 10 performs a tailwhip with D key and a superman stint with S key. Holding the space bar will make Ben 10 crouch while releasing the spacebar will make Ben 10 jump. Press left right arrows to make Ben 10 rotate in the air.

Remember that Ben10 has limited time to score the maximum points in cool Ben bike."

"Choose an alien from the amazing photo galleries created by others or create your own alien to play the cool Ben10 Heromatrix. You can look deep inside the Omnitrix to see existing creations or go ahead and make your own alien.

You can create a new alien through the following steps: A) Select a character - Beast, Humnoid or Blovlaus. B) Click on your alien’s body part you want to color and choose a color from the panel to fill. C) Change height and dimensions of the alien from the options on the right side.

Click on the pink button at the bottom to start designing again and on green button to finish the Ben10 Heromatrix game. Select a name for the alien from the list that appears on the left of the screen. You can also print the picture of the alien created by you in Ben10 Heromatrix."

Ben10 Blockade Blitz

"Ben 10 has the task of destroying all the bricks above him in this amazing and addictive Ben10 Blockadeblitz game, with the help of a bouncing ball. Help Ben 10 destroy these bricks and avoid letting the ball fall on the ground.

Left click mouse to start the game and move Ben10 with mouse. Don’t let the ball fall and use the ball to destroy bricks and catch falling bonus. When Omnitrix is ready, press Z key to clear the screen and collect hero bonus and turn Ben 10 into an alien. Left click to use fire power of aliens. Be aware of the number of Ben 10 lives remaining by checking on the left side of the screen."

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