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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Somerville News, responding to "Shannon" from "Somerville" AKA Kevin & Heidi show

The Somerville News, responding to "Shannon" from "Somerville" AKA Kevin & Heidi show

Mike Cann vs. No on Question 3 Campaign. Kevin & Heidi's team lashes out in the comments section...

Shannon comments, "I think the Somerville News should really think about what they print. As a Somerville resident I am disgusted that the Somerville News thinks this guy is a QUALIFIED counterpoint to this. There are other counterpoints out there but this guy is not one of them because he is as you say "Medical Marijuana" user himself. There is no such thing as Medical Marijuana. He just smokes weed. The Somerville News should also check the youtube site that they put their articles, where this guy Mike Cann is yelling at people and being really rude to people on the air. Yeah, really a qualified counterpoint. "

Haha, thank you Shannon "from Somerville" or was that Wayland?

Kind of looks like MA No On Question 3 propaganda once again attacking Mike Cann but this time anonymously under the guise as Shannon from "Somerville"?

I've never yelled at anybody on my show, I've asked her to provide evidence from any of my 600+ videos. 

Thank you to Jim Miller & David Bienenstock for help on this story.

The Official Press Release Attack of Mike Cann by MA No on Question 3 campaign.

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