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Sunday, November 4, 2012

If No on Question 3 Will Mislead You About a Poll, What Else Aren’t They Telling the Truth About?

If No on Question 3 Will Mislead You About a Poll, What Else Aren’t They Telling the Truth About?

(Boston) – Vote No on Question 3 yesterday claimed that support for the ballot issue had dropped by 12 points. That is false.

The opponents of Question 3 compared a poll by PPP released on October 11 with a poll issued by the Boston Globe released on September 29. That is deceptive and wrong.

In fact when you compare the PPP poll from September 18 to the October 11 poll by the same firm there is a difference of three points. Support in September was 60%. Today it is 57%. Statistically the same support today as it was last month. That is a fact.

So given the deception practiced by the opponents of Question 3 what else aren’t they telling the truth about? A lot.

No on 3 claims that marijuana is not medicine because it must be smoked. Fact most patients administer medical marijuana through a vaporizer which releases the therapeutic ingredients of medical marijuana. Patients may also administer the medicine through a tincture.

No on 3 claims that the proposed law will lead to a spike in youth use of marijuana. Fact there is no correlation between medical marijuana laws and increases in youth use. The studies are clear: (Medical Marijuana: A Status Report, Harvard Catalyst, 2011,, and Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use, Institute for the Study of Labor, 2012,

No on 3 claims that Massachusetts will see an explosion of hundreds of treatment centers like California and Colorado. Fact Question 3 regulations insure there will be no more than 35 treatment centers across the entire state.

It will also be the safest medical marijuana law in the country and makes it a felony for anyone who obtains marijuana by defrauding the medical marijuana system for distribution. Please see this infographic comparing state medical marijuana laws:

No on 3 claims that allowing physicians to recommend medical marijuana for conditions other than cancer, HIV, or terminal illnesses is a “loophole.” Fact clinical studies have proven that patients with conditions other than cancer, HIV, or terminal illnesses can benefit from medical marijuana. Hear directly from patients suffering from conditions such as paralysis, allodynia, cyclic vomiting syndrome and debilitating pain who clearly have benefited from medical marijuana – The initiative also requires that doctors writing recommendations for medical marijuana have a bona fide relationship with their patients and that the state verify all recommendations for any patient.

So when it comes to the truth the opponents of Question 3 simply can’t be trusted.

And when people get the facts about medical marijuana they will support Yes on Question 3 because they know it saves lives and that patients deserve compassion and access to the medicine that provides them relief.

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