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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harmon Law Mortgage fraud exposed

Ninety days after the bank foreclose on the house the bank/lawyer goes to the title insurance company and gets face value of what the loan amount was. Let's say 150k and then still foreclose on such property with the Fraud court foreclose document. and they don't even have the Real Title or Note...

You love your property, don't get a mortgage at all cuz the fine print is what will get you- like so many families....but they just don't wanna pay their bills...

HARMON LAW is the reason for so many family's losing their home from foreclosure.

Hitman like Harmon Law
Exposed Doc 1 Exposed Doc 2 Exposed Doc 3

Check out the Fraud for your self! For more info check us out @  More Fraud @FreeAmericanPatriots


  1. this is a horribly written, baseless, uneducated rant. I'd wager my nuts that you never completed high school...

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