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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A large seat to fill in Salem, MA

How defining.. A generation held back by a council divided. Last Thursday Salem, MA held a council meeting to elect a new Interim City Council Member as Senator Joan Lovely left her Councillor At Large seat to be filled when she was sworn in to her new position in the 188th MA State Senate.

“I think everyone has their heels dug in. I don’t know what’s next,” Siegel said. “It’s unfortunate because last night was a disgrace ... It’s unfortunate the council’s so divided.” - Todd Siegel

7 hours, 300 votes, no decision.. - Salem News

The community is ready for new representation..

"I have had the great pleasure of working with many people within Salem in several capacities. From creative initiatives to canned food drives, rock-horror experiences and political rallies fighting for a difference, I truly believe that Salem is a burgeoning city that needs leadership that better represents our youthful entrepreneurial spirit." - Kevin Letourneau, Chief Executive Officer of Go Out Loud

Letter: New generation needs representation - Salem News

5 candidates spoke of their experience and qualifications, but one stood out to me.

Christopher Sicuranza.

In a brief discussion, the council recognized Christopher's qualifications, but negligently dismissed what he has to offer over working comfortably with a previously elected council member. The council was called to vote and the insanity ensued. Salem's 10 City Councilors voted 300 times until 2:25am.. The same votes and with no compromise. Lucy Corchado, Steve Pinto.. 5-5 over and over until Christopher himself had a moment of weakness and called upon the council for leadership.

"I personally had a moment of weakness toward the 1 a.m. recess at around the 250th vote when I demanded that somebody should showcase leadership and announced my tremendous loss of respect of all of them. While the outburst was uncalled for, the trench digging is far worse." - Christopher Sicuranza

Letter: Candidates call to action - Salem News

Christopher Sicuranza, a fresh face but qualified candidate vies for this seat and could very well be the conduit for young Salem as well as the heart that demands care for our seniors. Energetic and organized, the Director of Communications at New England Police Benevolent Association helps create marketing strategies, design public relations campaigns, maintains branding efforts and coordinates social media/technology efforts.

"Salem City Council, you voted the same tie vote nearly 300 times, making history ... again. Not the kind of history I believe Salem wants. Council, you proved your dedication to your candidate, now prove your dedication to our city and the progressive hearts that beat for it."

"Vote for Chris Sicuranza tonight." - Nichole Snow Dawson, Salem Resident

The council will resume the meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, at City Hall, 93 Washington St.

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