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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heidi Heilman is addicted to Mike Cann

Heidi Heilman is addicted to Mike Cann
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HHeilman 17 hours ago in reply to Steven_Epstein

"Seriously Mr. Epstein? Those cannabis activists you refer to were once young people I treated for pot addiction in the 80s and 90s - many whom never or barely made it through high school (or college). Check out one of the leaders of the pro-pot lobby in Boston ( who has his own Youtube show and tell me he's not an addict who needs help. He films in what looks to be his basement as he smokes pot and rants and rants about cannabis and how he represents the majority of voters (make certain to watch minutes 3 through 5).

When and how did it happen that the public forgot about how pot users experience higher rates of psychotic episodes, schizophrenia (do you know how expensive it is for the tax payer to treat and care for someone with this illness?), IQ drop/cognitive decay, mental health issues, and/or serious paranoia? Does the Massachusetts public know that in other states with medical marijuana laws: 95% of medical marijuana users don't have those serious illnesses listed in their laws but fall under the "other conditions" clause? There are over 100,000 medical marijuana card holders in Colorado - no wonder the CO voters legalized this year, they've watched the tax-free medical marijuana program become a gigantic joke. Read "Lost in the Weeds" by Casey Lyons in the October issue of Boston Magazine who writes about his own pot addiction and describes how he abused the medical marijuana system in Colorado before moving to Massachusetts (

The pro-pot lobby consists of people who self report that they've never been able to hold a job but now that medi-pot is legalized they're making income (or "gainfully employed") by selling a product they've spent years illegally growing, using and are addicted to. Go figure.

People need to remember the early days of the tobacco business when they consider the new age medi-pot business. In the 60's and 70's tobacco companies had doctors marketing their products, too. Hook your consumer young and you have a lifetime user of your product. It took the country 50 years and ENORMOUS expense (health and montary) to get to our current understanding of how HARMFUL tobacco is. Don't tell me voters were clear about tobacco policy along the way as the big tobacco lobbyist with their big tobacco dollars shaped state laws and policies...

If there's medicinal value in the cannabis plant, then let the research and science find it and package and distribute it so it's SAFE for those who are ill. Don't allow the pot smoker/user or dealer with no medical background or knowledge become the expert on treating illnesses with marijuana and administer it to patients. That's not medicine. That's organized crime exploiting our sick on a stupid law that got pushed through with a billionaire's pocket-change and throws our ill, young and ultimately the United State's competitive edge directly under the bus.

The opposition on Question 3 was led by a team of brilliant legal, medical, municipal, and public health experts who work daily on the ground shoveling up from the pro-pot lobby. We had $6K to support our campaign. The pro-pot lobby had $1 million. Wonder why we lost? And further, I wonder what the vote would have been had we NOT worked around the clock opposing this stupid law. Given the numbers of people who changed their mind when they heard from us, my guess is it would have been upwards of 75% in support of this stupid. stupid law. That's how strong the pro-pot lobby is. Their money buys votes through slick, heart-pulling advertising and fabricated information.

You're wrong on this one Mr. Epstein. This isn't about moral or constitutional rights, this is about public health and wellness, tax-payer expense, soaring health care costs, and compromising the potential and opportunity for generations to come. A law intended to serve 3% or less of the population, which will be exploited and abused by hundreds of thousands of people, compromise entire youth generations to come, and cost responsible tax paying citizens millions in shovel up costs is a stupid, stupid, stupid law."

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