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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Women leading in alternative medicine education

Mainstream media has taken a grip on all of our minds and injected the paradigm of moral medicine. How did we go from drinking teas and eating nutritious foods to care for our organic bodies to accepting manufactured magic bullets as cure-alls? Sad?! ..there's a pill for that. In pain?! ..there's a pill for that. Not ready for parenthood? ..there's a pill for that too.

Cher Kore, Aromatherapist
Alternative Medicine has been around longer than Big Pharma. Literally thousands of years of prescribed teas and tinctures verses less than hundred years of pills and injections. Why are the pharmacies winning? They have marketing committees yet to be matched. Because media and government are selling you their magic pills and fear of the unknown, we are neglecting to discover the true potential of the ever healing human body.

Today women are taking on that challenge and bringing it to the next level. Emerging in the independent and mainstream media is a new acceptance of natural health care and its ability to assist patients through their most dire struggles. We hear the stories and can briefly catch them in the local news before they are quickly buried under the weather.

Survivors, caretakers and advocates want you realize the miracles happening all over the world. They are here to change your perspective of combining the alternatives with modern medicine.

Georgia Toons.. (Georgia Peschel) Mom and cartoonist.

From Storm's Story in Treating Yourself Magazine
Georgia's son Storm was born with a painful and debilitating syndrome called multiple stenosis. Sometimes conventional medicine can be too demanding on a human body.. especially a growing one. Left with very limited choices Georgia decided it was time for an alternative. Cannabis is now Storm's medicine of choice.

"From the first puff, we saw the results, and that is what mattered most to US! Results we had not ever seen with any other medication. Not to mention we did not have a fear of overdoses or liver damage or organs shutting down! From a PLANT!" - Georgia Peschel

Click here to read Storm's Story written by Georgia Peschel in Treating Yourself

Georgia enjoys drawing cartoons chronicling life's fleeting moments and uses her talent to educate about cannabis as an alternative medicine. Check out her blah blah blog!

From "Storm's Story" in Treating Yourself Magazine

Cheryl Shuman.. Survivor and advocate.

Cheryl made history with Ricki Lake and brought legal cannabis products to mainstream daytime television on The Ricki Lake Show. She's a survivor of stage four ovarian cancer and this fighter is not backing down until everyone understands their right to choose. We all have to commend Ricki Lake and Mykayla's Family for bringing this very important issue to daytime television. It takes real guts.

Cher Kore.. Aromatherapist.

Owner and Scentstrodinaire of Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy, Cher Kore has taught me so much about Aromatherapy and other natural remedies that I use everyday. Local to Boston, Cher is a contributer at where she blogs about new approaches to alternative healing.

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