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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mike Cann is accepting Mass Medical Marijuana Patient Consultations

I've decided with the large amount of inbound requests for my help on medical marijuana in MA and seeing that I really do love helping patients gain access in MA to not get screwed, and the fact is that I do have the trusted network, I'm officially announcing that I am in the business of doing Patient Consultations in the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, MA area and beyond.

I'm also available via phone and email and on facebook and youtube.

Contact me if you are patient in MA and need help with Medical Marijuana in MA.

Access for the best possible prices with the quality that you need.

There is NOW a place to go for low or no income patients!

Thank you to Valerie Vande Panne at the Boston Phoenix for asking me this question! Where do people with limited funds go?

Doctors, recommendations, figuring out the best strain for your condition, caregiver service, cultivation. I can provide the network, compassion, and expertise to help you.

Boston Phoenix "Got a Connection?"

Now you do!

"a/k/a Mike Cann, co-host of UnRegular Radio's Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens, and longtime marijuana-legalization advocate, recommend" you contact him! 

A few questions have come up since posting and I figured I would amend this post to answer them.

Do you get paid for offering this service, Mike Cann? In most cases, instances the answer is No. Largely, I am providing this service for free because I know there is a great need that is going completely unserviced. One person did donate some medicine but for the rest of the patients? Over 15+, I've helped so far? None have paid for my services. Most of these patients are of limited resources, the reason why they need this help... 

Do you offer Patient Confidentiality? Yes. I do offer Patient Confidentiality in all consultations. 

Why are you becoming a Patient Consultant? Because I know and hear from many patients in MA that need this help. I know the pain/frustration that comes of not having access to the best medicine for your condition. 

Are you a Doctor? No, I'm providing MA patients information to help them get recommendations from Doctors. I am not a Doctor. Nor have I ever claimed to be one.


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