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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Defiance of prohibition comes to a head in New Hampshire trial

Rich Paul

By Terry Franklin

On March 26 in Keene, NH, when prominent marijuana legalization advocate Rich Paul goes on trial, we will be seeing a new willingness to stand up to the bigots who run the machinery of Prohibition. Like Martin Luther King before him, Mr. Paul will not plea bargain; thereby refusing to concede he is doing anything wrong, and at the same time demonstrating he will not crumble under the threat of jail.

The civilly disobedient boys and girls of Keene have been remarkably defiant in their effort to live as if they were free, regardless of the consequences. Of course the government hates defiance, and loves to dish out consequences. When it comes to the Drug War, New Hampshire is surprisingly primitive and harsh. However, in one area of human rights, NH is light years ahead of other states, in that it allows jury nullification to be argued during trials.

The trial is at Cheshire Superior Court, 12 Court St. Currently, pre-trial motions are scheduled for Tuesday March 26, at 10 AM, with jury selection over the following week or two.

This trial seems destined to be a media circus, and a watershed event in the struggle against the Drug War.

For those with Facebook, an event page is here with up to date info on any changes. There is also a donation page here.

Defenders of Mr. Paul are urging all legalization supporters to make an effort to attend the trial, or the picket line outside the courthouse. They point out that the bravest among us in the fight for a better world, need to know they have our backing in the personal struggle they wage on our behalf.

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