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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mike Cann responds to Hank Investigates: Medical Marijuana

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Responding to Hank Investigates: Medical Marijuana

Wondering where you are investigating medical marijuana when you dont speak to any patients or advocates? The people like myself who are in daily pain for 15+ years? Should we be on OXYCODONE?

Why not take some cameras and follow me into Mass General and watch the Doctors prescribe me Addictive, toxic OXYCONTIN for my daily back pain but refuse to write me a rec for non-toxic, non-addictive medical marijuana!

Disgusting one-sided hit piece. Ignore that beyond two doctor's offices open in MA, the rest say No to safer medicine and will only prescribe dangerous OXYCODONE and the like!

You go after the heroic folks who actually care about my pain and let the "Establishment" killers look good?

How do you sleep at night?

I sleep only because of medical cannabis.

Disgusted by the lack of compassion or thought behind your actions,

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