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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Republican Dan Winslow for US Senate takes up TWO HOTHEADS' Activism

Two Hotheads, Where Activism Happens asks candidates is Liberty a Dirty Word? 

Candidates Leah Cole for MA State Rep and MA State Rep. Dan Winslow for US Senate respond that they support Liberty!

US Senate (MA) Candidates - Ed Markey, Stephen Lynch, Michael Sullivan, Gabriel Gomez have not as of yet answered our calls for answers on issues that concern us.

Dan Winslow, Leah Cole and Dan Fishman are working hard to earn our votes.

Dispatch from Stonehill: So – When Is There Going To Be A Republican Senate Debate?

"when Winslow complained that people who peddle dope get worse sentences than stock swindlers. In Massachusetts or anyplace else, the latter is a topic that even Dems don't typically touch. 
If there was an audience for this debate outside of GOP circles, it could probably be found in moderates and even liberals who found the slightest shred of hope in Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's 13-hour filibuster spiel last week. Winslow gave props to Paul every chance he got, and in addition to opposing drone strikes on American citizens, the state rep also jumped on other ideas that ought to have universal appeal. “Sequestration,” said Winslow, “is Exhibit A of what's wrong with Washington.” The former district court judge went on to lambaste the justice system for its demonstrable overzealousness, citing several times the case of Aaron Swartz, the MIT wiz and internet pioneer who took his own life rather than continue facing federal heat."

Daniel Fishman, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate comments,

"Winslow's impressing me more and more"

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