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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Will Dailey, "Me, Elvis, Stephen King, the finish line"‏

The Finish line is right now! We are at 95% for the Pledge Music drive to fund my next album. Ain't no daylight saving is gonna slow me down! I can't get this record made without you on board. A pledge is a pre-order of the album and every pre-order goes into making the music. There are also many fan exclusives available and everyone gets exclusive material a view into the process. However, it is important to note that for just the 10$ download you get this album made and the money doesn't go to Apple or Amazon; it goes to making the music.  It all started 60 days go with a Mission Statement and then a video. By this time tomorrow we can get to 100% with you!                                

I got a call from Stephen King and John Mellencamp two years ago. Yes, that happened! Turns out they wrote a musical together called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and I was asked to sing one of the character's parts on the recording of said musical along with: Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Taj Mahal, Rosanne Cash and many others. This isn't some weird dream I had, it is real. I spent two weeks in the studio with not only those fantastic artists but master producer T Bone Burnett, guitar king Marc Ribot, drummer Jay Bellerose and the rest of T Bone's stellar crew. It was a mind blowing experience and you can get a copy June 4th! Stay tuned to my site and these emails for more information as the date draws closer. I have a special duet on the album with a certain Oscar winner. 

3/15- Cambridge MA
4/12- Machester NH
4/25- Northampton MA
5/1- Philadelphia PA
5/2- New York NY
5/4- Ladysmith VA
5/11- Shirley MA
5/17- Newmarket NH

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