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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Patients Protest MA DPH Medical Marijuana Regulations

Patients Protest MA DPH Medical Marijuana Regulations

 Please send MA Department of Public Health a message.

Mike Cann, The King of Pot and Other Medical Marijuana Patients Will Protest on Thursday, August 1st from 2-4pm we picket with signs on the sidewalk out front of DPH headquarters. Join us!

250 Washington St., Boston, MA 02108

DPH headquarters for DPH Commish Cheryl Bartlett

Drummers, bullhorns, signs, people, patients, activists we need you.

Speeches, press ops at 4pm

Rolling civil disobedience training at 4:20pm

We encourage people to gather at all DPH offices and locations to hand out literature and bring signs, engage the public on how DPH regs are making it more dangerous for private citizens and medical marijuana patients.

Suggestions for signs and slogans are encouraged. Here's one great one.

Ogden Maryland Hughes gives us this one:

"DPH to Pot Patients : DROP DEAD!"

Here's my message and questions for MA DPH

Subject: Medical Marijuana Regs Hurting Patients

Since you shut down caregivers (1 to 1 ratio rule), where do you suggest patients go to get medical marijuana? Why would any patient pay $200 for a medical marijuana recommendation to then be denied medicine for a year and then when it's here? It's a medical marijuana monopoly, paying hiring prices than on the streets? How can you justify this? Do you not realize that many people started growing with the intention of being legal caregivers and now what do you think they are going to do? Still supply patients but not in your program? You've grown the black market and left patients out. Exactly the opposite of what 63% of voters wanted. What's the cost benefit for patients with your new regulations? Been asking these questions since the last hearing and never heard a response to any of these questions..

For this you pat yourselves on the back?

Mike Cann
Writer, radio host, and volunteer medical marijuana advocate who works with patients in MA.

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