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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Patients Protest MA DPH Commissioner, Cheryl Bartlett Got to Go!

Patients Protest MA DPH Commissioner, Cheryl Bartlett Got to Go!

August 1st, 2013, MA Dept. of Public Health headquarters patients protest over having no access to medical marijuana after a law was passed via Initiative vote in Nov. 2012...


  1.   What about President O'Bama, and his newly appointed drug czar Gil Kerlikowske and his Federal DEA? "I see where they are federally pushing less jail time and more treatment for offenders instead of counter-culture holistic citizen/state/alternative option minded med/legalized cannabis. To them it is still a "step to" harder drugs drug that has no value; It should take no dummy to see how mainstream medical professionals are silent about the benefits of cannabis for fear of losing their jobs from the federal medical legal coverup team; New World Order?. The feds are going to pull massive raids on this new counter-culture holistic legal citizen/state system in an attempt to put it back to the federal illegal times;" (

     I feel in a rage of prediction oriented thinking that they will pull strings getting votes pushed back and even rig elections in order to keep the black market and pocket lining cash flowing. Of course they are trying to use their  money to strong arm the good dispensaries out, reinterpret the will of the people and what they want by thinking their scare tactics will force people and state into obeying them; this sets the stage for monopolizing for their money gains. This is like a raid on Iraq for the Haliburton "Victor gets the spoils".

    "They are already halting citizen medical card holders self-growing/caregiving and will close the private dispensaries that have qualified helpers, great products that are tailor made for your particular medical diagnosis so they can make deals with Mexico and Latin America (Mexico and Uruguay both are pushing for legalization; maybe the Bush family has something to do with this? Jeb's wife is Mexican; he pulls strings for her and they have unethical war crimes escape and water sales interests in Paraguay; New World Order?) for poor quality cannabis with no regard for its medicinal values; next comes unresponsive dispensaries set in slums with nothing made in the US; all foreign imports and guarded heavily by armed US security (due to the threat of angry black market dealers enacting attacks on legal outlets for vendetta reasons); no one with familiar causes to greet you;  only a machine that you drop your ID card, eye and finger imprints into and another machine that rather looks like a vending machine and not even a vapor device and probably bugler papers for you to role your poison (I mean medicine). A vast horror like the Apocalypse; Draconian penalties monitored by wiretapping and armed drones (NSA/Patriot Act style) will be handed out to both citizens and states for their roles in counter-culture holistic self-growing compliance and or helping others." (

    "Next, Monsanto comes in and gene patents cannabis making all other cannabis phenotypes illegal, they claim ownership of, and or destroy the medicinally valuable organically or counter-culture created cannabis plants with Roundup and make their cannabis dependent on it; New World Order?,  and then turn their poor quality stock into what I envision to be pill form laced with inaccurately produced synthetic poisons obtained by extracting actual proven organic cures from the plant; the very same poison we get at drug stores and hospitals returns to where we first found ourselves in a reversal of our working counter-culture holistic cannabis authorized medical team, citizen and states original  intent." ( And you think you have control over your spending with no penalties...

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