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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deval Patrick, MA DPH, No help to Moms, child seizures, #unacceptable

THE YOUNG JURKS, 6pm ET, Saturdays on joined by guests from Healthy Headie Lifestyle talking about the patients protest of MA DPH and Governor Deval Patrick, #unacceptable with a call from mother Lisa Cole, whose daughter Morgan suffers needlessly from seizures while Governor Deval Patrick does nothing to help.

Jill Hitchman-Osborn, another local mom on her daughter's situation posts tonight to facebook.

"We are 32 minutes into a seizure that isn't stopping. It is not a convulsive seizure but Haley gets twitches in her face during it. The primary symptom is fear. The pain in my heart, the sickness in my gut, the helplessness as I watch my daughter cry out repeatedly in utter terror is indescribable. And I am mad. Beyond mad. Furious that medicine exists that could spare her this but isn't available because of invisible, arbitrary lines on a map. I just want to help my daughter."

Contact Governor Deval Patrick! 
Join the Protest!

Deval Patrick, no help to Mom, child seizures... by MikeCann


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