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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Massachusetts State Representative Marc Lombardo, Deleted twitter post

Mass State Rep Marc Lombardo's deleted twitter post from earlier this evening, followed up with this explanation.

Emotional tweet earlier. Was stupid and unfair. I'm very sadden by the NYPD shooting. Such a tragedy.
A sampling of the response on twitter.
  1. I'll tell you what happened. You revealed who you really are and what you really believe in. Again, glad you aren't my rep.
  2. Does "unfair" mean "factually inaccurate?"
  3. Good to see follow-up. Best not to tweet when emotional. Think first!
  4. when you say you are sadden(?) by the shooting do you mean when they shot the unarmed guy w/ no warning on nov 20?
  5. So, are you apologizing to Reverend Sharpton?
  6. Or your true feelings slipped out
  7. we all have emotions & they do change as we react to news & facts as they unfold. I appreciate ur follow up response.
  8. think before you comment...there's no excuse.

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