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Friday, January 16, 2015

Breaking ballot Initiative news re: Boston Olympics‏

For Immediate Release
January 16, 2015
Contact: Emily Demikat, United Independent Party | (857) 300-0018
Exploratory Process for Ballot Initiative Against Costly Boston-Hosted Olympics Underway
Boston – Plans are underway to launch an exploratory process on a statewide ballot initiative regarding the proposed 2024 Olympics, Evan Falchuk, Chairman of the United Independent Party, announced today.
According to a January 12 poll of 1600 respondents conducted by Sage Consulting, 61% of Massachusetts’s residents oppose the Olympics if tax dollars are used to back the bid, with the majority of voters believing the Olympics will mean that other worthwhile priorities take a back seat.  
“That finding, combined with the utter lack of transparency and concrete details we’re all seeing so far, are of great concern,” Falchuk said. "Like so many people in Massachusetts, I’m a sports fan and enjoy the competition of the Olympic Games. Yet we cannot avoid the reality that the Olympics are a business, and one with a track record of massive cost overruns where taxpayers end up stuck with a huge bill.”
Falchuk cited the woeful financial history of the Olympic Games as among the reasons why this exploratory process is needed. According to one comprehensive study of Olympic Games costs from 1976 to 2012, he noted, the average cost overrun from cost estimates initially presented was more than 200%. The findings come from Dr. Will Jennings, a researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation.
"The Olympic bid represents the most important public policy decision facing the people of the Commonwealth in 2015 and beyond. Based on everything we have seen so far, one thing is certain: the public ought to have a right to vote on this,” Falchuk said. “As taxpayers and residents who will be directly affected, we all have a right to have our voices heard and heeded, and in the current circumstances, a ballot initiative may be the only way for that to happen."
The United Independent Party, officially created on Election Day 2014 as a major party in Massachusetts, continues to collect signatures for its “No Boston Olympics” petition drive from residents throughout the state who want their voices heard.
“In the years this quiet plan has been pushed by what one newspaper called a ‘Power Elite,’ taxpayers were not once asked if they want these games in Massachusetts – and certainly not whether they want the Olympics more than priorities like addressing underfunded services for seniors, veterans and kids in school," according to Falchuk.  "At a time when we face a half-billion dollar budget gap, it would be a diversion of the public interest to use taxpayer money in this way. We plan to review closely the information released by Boston 2024 in the coming days and weeks, and will freely share what we find and our next steps." 
About the United Independent Party
Founded by 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk and a group of supporters from throughout Massachusetts, the United Independent Party (UIP) is committed to moving from the outdated political establishment debate of “small government versus big government” to one focused on greater fiscal accountability to voters, stronger protection of civil rights, and innovative, pragmatic solutions that improve the day-to-day lives of people, families and communities. The UIP, which earned status as a major party alongside Democrats and Republicans when Falchuk earned more than 3 percent of the vote on Election Day 2014, calls for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government.
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