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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pirates looking for volunteers at Boston Freedom Rally

Pirates looking for volunteers at Boston Freedom Rally
By Mike Cann

Lucia Fiero, Secretary/Quartermaster of the United States Pirate Party reached out to us looking to drum up support for the Pirate Party booth at the Boston Freedom Rally. Fiero has been a fixture doing outreach for the Pirates at the annual Rally on the Common and always in our ear updating us on all things Pirateville. This year she needs some extra support and is looking for a few volunteers on the weekend of the Boston Freedom Rally, Sept. 26 and 27, Boston Common.

Here's my questions to Fiero and her answers via email.

Why is the Massachusetts Pirate Party at the Boston Freedom Rally?

Pirates are all about is freedom of information and personal privacy; we get out to FR every year to let everyone know that if a tree falls in the forest but nobody hears it, things don’t change. What do I mean by that? If the news doesn't report on something, does that mean it isn't true? Of course not!
The media cannot be counted upon to report on the safety and efficacy of cannabis without pressure from the public. The evening news is OWNED by big pharma (and big oil and big insurance). Count how many times you hear "Ask your doctor about" as you flip from network to network.
Big pharma's big profits depend upon PATENTS and Pirates oppose patents on principle. Patents necessitate turning away from the cures that nature gives us and turning to chemical compounds and altered seeds. If we can grow what we need to live in the back yard, how do these gangsters, essentially, get their cut of the action? Their business model necessitates employing the state to kill the natural competition. This goes too for the private prison industry. Their business model depends upon prohibition to keep prison populations up. This is insanity on a mass scale, but the "news" cannot be counted on to report on this insanity in the public interest. This is why the power of the internet has to be applied to the issue, with blogs and social media and email lists, by citizens, talking *to each other*, rather than paid emissaries of big business preaching to us from private, secure "news" studios that "Drugs are bad, m'kay?"
The way around this information blockade: A free and open internet. We need to get out to Freedom Rally to spread the word about how to best spread the word that doesn't fit the corporate picture.

Why do you especially need more help this year at the Rally?

Since 2013 my husband and I have taken the lead with the MPP presence at FR. One or both of us would be there all weekend, from set up to break down.

This year though, I was diagnosed with cancer, in March, and I am on chemotherapy and very weak. My husband needs to spend the time he has off work, the weekends, looking after me and our son. So we are short not just my husband and myself, but short the people who would otherwise come out to see us. But we have a lot of other great Pirate people to meet and hang with, some new this year. So it's worth coming out.   

Let's talk a bit about your medical situation, what have you been diagnosed with and what treatments have you done and continue on. What's the hope for your health going forward?

Stage two invasive ductal carcinoma. Breast cancer, essentially, and no, I am not using cannabis to fight the cancer. I am going the medical industry sanctioned route. I was frightened by the story of Steve Jobs' demise and of my best friend's mother who survived breast cancer once through medically approved methods only to die employing natural cures when the cancer returned years later. I do sincerely believe that cannabis kills cancer, but because it cannot be properly researched, exactly how cannot not definitely be determined. I have kids who still need me, and my husband, too, so as far as pioneering, I am not that brave.

As for cannabis for chemo related nausea: I honestly I don't like feeling very high. Just because cannabis is safe doesn't mean it's for everyone. The chemicals I am prescribed effectively control my nausea to the point where I feel fine stomach wise, most of the time. If I were one of the people who was not helped by chemicals, though, I would gladly feel totally baked in order to combat nausea, as nausea is the WORST.

I would like to see cannabis made completely legal for many reasons, but for myself, personally, I would like to start a regime of cannabis oil when my treatment is over in hopes that the cancer does not return. My best friend has cancer for the 3rd time, after going through chemo twice already. I would like to increase my odds of not having to go through this again, and though lifestyle changes have been proven to reduce cancer risk, I believe political pressure is is keeping the medical community from declaring that cannabis fights cancer and from researching how to most effectively utilize it.

Also, the fact that it remains illegal federally gives me due cause to be concerned that other rights I enjoy exercising would be curtailed by acknowledged cannabis use, *even with Massachusetts law allowing the medical use*. The Cole memorandum dictates that your 2nd amendment rights are affected by the presence of cannabis in your possession. And the tide can turn on the federal level of enforcement *at any time* until we end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Why is the Pirate Party important?

There is no more powerful weapon in any battle than information. The pirate party wants that information to be free and not locked down by copyright, which can be used as a backhanded means of censoring important information, or by patents, which are essentially a tool to control what belongs to all of humanity.

Information also, as you know, can be used against you, and that is why our Constitution maps out ways we can protect our personal information from the state. With the rise of the internet comes the pitfall of the ease of spying on the average citizen, in violation of our right to privacy. The state told us that this was ostensibly meant to fight "terrorism", but the government has used its post 9/11 surveillance powers primarily for investigating drug cases. Pirates believe that what consenting adults do with their own bodies isn't anyone's business but their own.

But we do believe that what the government does with our information and our money *is everyone's* business. The checks and balances of the constitution only go so far. The First Amendment's intention was that the press would become the fourth estate, another check on corruption and unbridled power, but we have seen the commercial media more often act like lap dogs than like guard dogs. Our need to check power with information is more important than ever. Therefore we need to keep the internet free and open for the use of the citizens to watch and report on the powerful. This has been referred to as the fifth estate. The internet's positive impact on the dissemination of information has been immeasurable. Just one example is the proliferation of police abuse videos, and the attention given to the deaths of unarmed suspects at the hands of police, something that was never even questioned before. The police's word was always considered irrefutable.


Get out to Freedom Rally to meet us and learn about running for office, using cryptography to protect your privacy, which news sources can be best trusted, about mesh networking and municipal broadband as an alternative to commercial ISPs, the dangers of the expanding police state, To teach people about the internet's power to affect change on cannabis, prison, and police policy...I could write a book but you asked me to keep it short!


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  2. I really enjoyed this place and you can definitely find me here for more events. I didn't eat anything when on my recent visit to venues San Francisco, but those around me had truffle fries, pizza, and wings all seemed to enjoy.

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