It’s so secret that I am a huge advocate for marijuana usage. It’s also no secret that I fully believe that the benefits of marijuana need to be made available to more people. One way that I encourage people to do that is to become walking advertisements.

How should this be accomplished?

Well, it’s easy. Making your onw marijuana inspired clothing! This is something that we have been doing a lot lately, and I encourage all of you to also do so.

The first thing that you’re going to need when making your marijuana based clothing is a heat press. We’re going to be heat transferring vinyl onto our shirts. You could also use an iron if you don’t want to purchaseĀ a heat press machine, but the product won’t come out nearly as good.

You’re also going to need a t shirt of any color of your choosing. Finally, you’ll need a piece of transfer vinyl. I recommend that you get a color that contrasts with your shirt color.

First things first. Stencil out onto the vinyl the shape or the lettering that you want to use. Something basic would be to stencil out a marijuana leaf. Other options are basic sayings such as ‘Keep Calm and Smoke’. Either way, you want to make sure that you’re getting your pro-marijuana point across.

Once you have the design on your vinyl transfer all stenciled out, you’re going to take an exacto-knife or sharp sheers and cut the vinyl along your stenciled line. While you’re doing this, you should be heating up your heat press machine. Generally you’re going to be doing this transfer at a temperature of around 400F.

When the vinyl is cut, place it onto the shirt. Make sure everything is lined up. There are no do-overs when using a heat press!

When you’re ready, open the heat press, place the shirt and vinyl into the machine, and press down. You’ll only need to hold it closed for 45 seconds to a minute. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s manual beforehand.

When the timer goes off, take the shirt out, and you’re all set!

You have no created your very own marijuana inspired clothing. Spread the good word!