Knowing The Responsible Marijuana Policy

As the world has slowly progressed and learned more about how marijuana is actually safe, some areas have already started to legalize it.

From places where they use marijuana as a medical alternative from other drugs with side effects, to countries that completely legalized it and their citizens are now using it for recreational use. 

As America has also taken on the legalization of marijuana, they’ve also made policies in order to regulate it and give out laws for the safety of its citizens.

So what are these policies? Well Just keep on reading as well explain everything to you.

Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been a topic for decades and some parts of America have already started to make it legal for medical use or even for recreational use.

The prohibition that started in the ’70s failed so several organizations have made ways to pass several laws to legalize marijuana and educate the people on what are the proper ways of using it so it won’t cause any harm to anyone.

Marijuana Policy Project

The Marijuana Policy Project is an organization created in America which its sole purpose is to create policy reforms for marijuana in the country. This is in order to create ways for the government to accept the fact that marijuana is safe to use in order to legalize it. 

They’ve been trying to create laws that allow the use of medical cannabis and has already succeeded in passing 13 of them. This is to help those in need of the use of medical marijuana and they also see the plant being illegal is pointless.

Principles of Proper Marijuana Use

The principles of proper cannabis use are what the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are shown to people on how to use cannabis more responsibly for health and safety reasons.

It mostly contains guidelines on who is able to consume it and where and when should be the right time to use cannabis. 

Their main point is that everyone should be responsible when they’re enjoying their cannabis in order for society to be productive.

Ballot Initiatives

The ballot initiatives were a vote held in certain states in America back in 2016 where they wanted to roll back the prohibition of marijuana. This was to try to legalize marijuana and regulate the tax laws of its production.

There were states like Arizona, Nevada, and Maine included with this. By November 2016, ballot question 2, which covers responsible marijuana policy was successfully passed and they were able to legalize and regulate marijuana in certain city-states.


The history of the legalization of marijuana has gone through a lot and as more people have become enlightened of the true nature of the plant, it’s slowly becoming a recreational drug that will surely benefit society.

Policies must be created in order for people to not abuse it in any form or way.