Do you think it is ridiculous how much of our tax dollars goes to the war on marijuana? Most people think it is quite ridiculous on how many people are being jailed for a senseless “drug.” Are prisons are overflowing, yet we still arresting people for senseless marijuana drug crimes.

I reviewed an article called Change the Climate, which is a campaign that was put together by some parents and business professional. They want to tell people about how ridiculous it is how we waste our tax dollars for the “War on Drugs.” They also believe it is threat to our basic freedoms as Americans. Change The Climate wants to let people know the honest truth about marijuana and not the scary drug we are told it is by our government. I never knew so many other people felt this way and Change The Climate is a great group that just wants to inform the truth and that’s it. Believe what you want, but marijuana is harmless and shouldn’t be considered a drug like cocaine, heroin, and crystal methamphetamine.

Just like alcohol and smoking cigarettes, kids should not take part in using marijuana obviously. People aren’t advocating that kids do drugs of course. Our media tries showing us ads for marijuana that are meant to scare us and most people just laugh at them and don’t take them seriously. That’s why so many people that use marijuana for whatever reason, end up feeling like some sort of outcast, because people are brainwashed to believe that marijuana is evil. You can find reasonable ways to talk to your kids about using marijuana on the web.

I just wanted to include an article for Change The Climate campaign because they want to change the way people think about marijuana and how to go about bringing reform to the people of America. The politicians will never say anything about it until people show that a majority of us want change in our marijuana laws. People need to realize that marijuana doesn’t really affect many aspects of their life unless they use. It helps a lot of people for pain, instead of taking prescription medications that have side effects that are worse than the pain. The government don’t want to legalize it because they don’t have a full proof way to tax marijuana because people can easily grow it. Will they ever realize that it is harmless and then legalize it? Change The Climate is a group of people from all over standing up for the legalization of marijuana and the waste of our tax dollars on trying to stop it. People from all walks of life support the legalization of marijuana and think it’s ridiculous that it isn’t legalized yet.