Top Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Marijuana has been seen as a gateway drug that people use to get into harder substances which the government made it illegal due to this kind of thought.

But lately, a lot of countries have been legalizing the plant for medical and recreational use as they’ve come to realize that all of it is just a misconception and it’s actually much safer with a lot of benefits added into it. 

So why should we legalize medical marijuana? Well just keep reading as we’ll give you the top reasons why it should be. 

Medical Benefits

One of the main reasons why marijuana has already been legalized in many other states is due to its medical benefits. It’s mostly used as a remedy for chronic pain, depression, and it helps people recovering from poor appetite. 

The main chemical that people need to treat those medical ailments is the CBD that comes from the plant. Due to this, people have been further trying to legalize it in order to reach more medical advances and treatments from this plant.

It’s Much Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

Marijuana is also much safer than you think. There have been no counts of people that have overdosed from the plant. It’s actually much more likely that someone will die from drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco.

While alcohol can give you the possibility of getting alcohol poisoning and cigarettes have been closely linked to lung cancer and numerous other diseases. Compared to both of these substances, marijuana is actually quite harmless.

Lot’s of Job Opportunities

There would be a lot of new job opportunities that would open if marijuana gets legalized. With it being a new type of legal trade, it would also create jobs like farmers who will be the ones to grow the crops, to different manufacturing companies will be created to make different types of ways to consume the plant and distributors who are going to sell it in retail for the masses.

It will create a new supply chain that will need a lot of workers for it to function.

Budget Saved form Law Enforcement

Law enforcement wouldn’t also be hassled anymore once marijuana gets legalize. It’ll save them time and money in order to focus on more important matters rather than taking care of something that’s more or less harmless to everybody.

It’ll reduce the cost of what the government usually spends on in order to deal with all the cases regarding marijuana. It will also shorten the number of court cases that go to trial from people who are convicted of selling and consuming the plant.


As more people have become enlightened with the actuality of what marijuana does to a person then it will only be a matter of time before every country is going to legalize marijuana

Lots of places have already used them as an alternative for medicine and it’s a much better way for people to have fun compared to taking other substances that might cause harm to them.