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Activism of Mike Cann

Mike Cann, Prospect Hill and Methuen MA, Mayor Bill Manzi. 
Photo Carl Russo (Lawrence Eagle Tribune)
This is a work in progress, past and future links to be updated. 

Politicians Mike Cann has lobbied:

Mike Cann asks Congressman Steven Lynch to consider repeal of marijuana prohibition on WBZ Radio

Reacting to MikeCann Blog, Congressman Dan Burton's Youtube Channel takes down drug war video

Mike Cann & Prospect Hill successfully lobby Methuen, MA Mayor and City Council to go easy on marijuana

Eagle Tribune front page stories:

  1. Pot smokers to protest proposed marijuana fine increase 

  2. Council, Manzi remain mellow over marijuana law

Mike Cann organizes protest of Scott Brown (Then a MA State Senator) that garners press on WBZ and in several local newspapers. 
  1. Senator Scott Brown Marijuana Re-crim Protest Video Part 1
  2. Senator Scott Brown Marijuana Re-crim Protest Video Part 2
  3. Voter In Senator Brown's District Notes Our Protest and Agrees With US in LTE To Sun Chronicle, "Voters Have Spoken"
  4. Daily Free Press Reports on Our Protest
  5. Largest Radio News Station in New England Covers Our Protest
  6. Sun Chronicle
  7. Milford Daily News
Mike Cann successfully moves Congressman Mike Capuano to support repeal of prohibition

Mike Cann calls MA Rep. Tim Toomey's office on medical marijuana bill

Facebook politics, activists ask Rep. Richard Ross about marijuana policy

420 Candidate, Maine State Rep Diane Russell for US Congress!

Barney Frank, Two Hotheads on Cannabis (Full Interview)
Gary Johnson on Two Hotheads on Cannabis
Mike Cann speaks at State House on his use of medical cannabis for pain from an athletic injury

Mike Cann (James White) shows DA Blodgett to be misinformed in battle for MA decrim, WGBH 2
NH Rep says he can't support decrim because he's a dummy?

Mike Cann Protege, Niki Smokes with State Senator Brownsberger on marijuana reform

Cambridge police want to ban public consumption of marijuana - Cambridge - Your Town -

Braintree Marijuana Ordinance Hearing Video

Occupy AG Martha "Reefer Madness" Coakley

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