If you’re looking for a new way to make your own weed butter then I highly suggest you take a look at making it sous vide.

There’s a few noticeable perks that I love.

The first is that there is no smell whatsoever. Normally when you’re making weed butter, your whole home is going to stink. While I love the smell of some good bud, I definitely don’t want it radiating throughout my home and onto the streets. When you’re cooking sous vide, all of the marijuana smell is contained within the vacuum sealed pouch. You won’t have to worry about any smell escaping!

The second thing I love is how you cannot mess up cooking weed butter with sous vide. When you’re making weed butter the traditional way, you risk burning the oils and ruining your weed. Since sous vide circulates water around a vacuum sealed bag (with your weed in it), it all cooks evenly, making it impossible to mess up. When you have your own best sous vide machine, you will end up saving money in the long run on weed because of how effective it is. I cannot even begin to tell you how much cash I have wasted when trying to make my own weed butter and failing.

The thing I love the most is how the majority of the THC content is retained. When cooking sous vide, all of the oil is trapped in the vacuum sealed bag. None of it is splattering throughout your kitchen, over your stove. This leads to a much more potent version of weed butter than you’re used to. Or in other terms, you’ll be able to make your weed butter go much further than if you were to cook it the traditional way on the stove.

Sous vide may not be popular, or you may have never even heard of it, but it really is effective for making one hell of a weed butter. in fact you can even use sous vide to cook different types of edibles, like brownies, infusions (weed infused tequila!) and other things. Hell, you could even weed infuse steak if you wanted to. That’s really the best of both worlds.