It may seem challenging to stop smoking ganja, but in reality it is viable.

The two steps to stop smoking weed:

1) Discover your passion

2) Replace your passionate time with “marijuana time”

phase 1: Identify your passions

It is VERY significant for you to determine out your individual passions. If you smoke ganja, you may have overlooked what you are fanatic about.

Many times, you may completely be irrational to what you used to love doing. You may have overlooked what you were once fanatic about. That’s because you likely passed all your available time doing nothing but smoking a blunt

That’s what smoking weed can do. It can totally accommodate over your life. It can waste your lifetime to the peak you don’t have time for acquaintances, pursuits.

phase 2: Next, replace your “marijuana time” with your “passion time”

The following step is to start spending MORE time on your passion instead than on smoking weed. This will be hard at first of all but once you get used to thisit will stick with you to the rest of your life.

This measure is CRUCIAL. Each time you have the urge to roll up a blunt and smoke it think about what you want to do and stop

That is why your passion is Important. You must be Really fanatic about your activeness, friends, or pursuit. If you are really passionate about this, then you will have no troubles accepting some time for your passion.

Pursuing these two steps will finally get you to quit smoking weed……