Sous vide machines are all of the range not only in professional kitchens but also in home kitchens as well. However, if you want to get the best preserved and well-marinated dishes, then you also need to choose the best sous vide machine that will suit your needs. So here are a few things to consider when buying one of these kitchen appliances.

1.) Stick or basin?

Basins are larger and thus bulkier in storage. In a pool, water will need to be filled directly. Of course, each tank has a limited capacity, which is determined by the size of the basin. The performance of the devices is always at the max, and thus better for larger busier kitchens some basins have removable inner pots for easy cleaning and rinsing.

A Sous Vide Stick is basically an immersion heater with a thermostat and a circulation pump. A stick is simply hung in any container, eg in a saucepan filled with water and usually fixed by a clamp or by a screw. An integrated circulation pump ensures that the water circulates and thus can keep the temperature evenly. Sous vide sticks are more space efficient than those other kinds of sous vide machines, especially those that have large water baths.

2.) Capacity

The capacity determines how much water the Sous Vide Basin or the Sous Vide Stick can hold at a constant temperature. Or different: how much meat, fish or vegetables you can cook in the water bath.

For the basin devices, the capacity is up to 10 liters, for devices for home use and up to 14 liters for professional devices, as they are simply larger. Sticks can in much larger vessels, eg cooking pots or similar. be used. Here the capacity lies between 15-25 liters, with professional devices even up to 50 liters. Be sure to choose a sous vide machine that has got the capacity that you want. You would not be able to prepare certain kinds of foods or dishes, if you are not careful about the capacity of the sous vide machine that you are buying.

3.) Temperature range and accuracy

In terms of temperature accuracy, there can be a simple difference from cheap to better sous vide machines. While for cheaper Sous Vide basins or Sous Vide Sticks for the private household mostly, you will only get about a 0.1 to 1 degrees Celsius in temperature accuracy.

For the sous vide preparation, a temperature accuracy of 0.5-degree Celsius or 1-degree Celsius is sufficient, with high demands on the result as well as on the reproducibility of the results or special applications temperature accuracy of 0.1-degree Celsius is necessary. If you do not have any special requirements, all Sous Vide devices have a suitable temperature range for sous vide cooking of almost all foods from approx. 30 degrees Celsius up to 90-degrees as well.

In addition to the criteria already mentioned, there are still differences in the accessory equipment that you can find packaged with the sous vide machine. For example, there are racks, which are usually included in the package of the initial sous vide machine, into which the vacuum bags can be pinched so that they remain submerged. There may also be no racks for the sous vide sticks. Another kind of sous vide machine accessory must be placed in the water bath without any support to keep the bags under water. Keep in mind, that additional cooking accessories with your sous vide machine may increase its price.

With the right kind of sous vide machine, we are able to ensure that food is cooked evenly, stays fresh for longer, and also taste better with deeper marination. You should always try to do a lot of research about these sous vide machines before buying one. Reading those reviews about sous vide machines can allow us to purchase the best one for our money.